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D&B is an Integrated Facility Management provider in the Netherlands. D&B distinguishes itself by offering self-delivery of a broad range of facility services (reception, security, catering, cleaning, parking and driver services, facility management). Client base is diverse but characterised by exclusively large corporations and high end, multi-tenant real estate properties.

Our Services

Our Company Statement


For people to experience moments of joy when they meet our people and service… That’s our aim. Because we believe: Happiness works.


In a fast changing world we make all the difference. We are courageous, we dare to think differently and are not afraid to undertake new ventures. We always look ahead towards the future. This is of the utmost importance because we are on a mission to help organizations to build an environment in which everybody achieves more. We bring a 5-star-experience to ambitious companies. We do so by employing the best people and by providing best-in-class services.

Our key strategies

• We build strong partnerships with our customers.
• We attract and retain employees who belong to the best in their field of expertise.
• Every service we provide is best-in class in its own market.
• We are agile in a fast and ever changing world.
• We grow with a double digit percentage every year.
• We act socially responsible.

Facts & Figures

D&B The Facility Group qualifies as a ‘boutique’ service provider in the Dutch market for Facility Services. We deliver tailor made services and provide our guest with customer intimacy.

Why choose for D&B The Facility Group?


CEOs around the world experience the tight labor market as the biggest threat to the future growth of their organizations. Talent is scarce and no longer impressed with large corporate brand names. New generations won’t be lured by offering them a good salary and a lease car. They are looking for inspiring working environments with high dynamics, a personal touch, excellent coffee, healthy food and fast connectivity. D&B The Facility Group – through its services – is able to positively boost the individual experience of both employees and guests in the workplace. Our value to companies is greatest when we realize a working environment in which people feel acknowledged, appreciated, supported and in which they are able to achieve more. Such a workplace attracts and attains talent. Therefore, even though we operate in a B2B-market, we think, act and communicate like a B2C-brand.


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